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About "The Kids' Ark"


The Kids’ Ark” began as a dream – a dream of what a children’s magazine should be, a Bible-based, interactive magazine. That dream became a reality with the first issue print of 20,000 copies in 2005.

Geared for children ages 6-12, this is a 36-page, full-color, Quarterly magazine. “The Kids’ Ark” is designed to fight the flood of negative influences and peer pressures that threaten to drown our children by offering a viable alternative full of the truth about God’s love.

 Founders, husband and wife team, Jim and Violette Burger in Victoria, Texas, believe that reading good, wholesome literature educates children, sparks creativity, uplifts their ambitions, and helps build self esteem. What makes “The Kids’ Ark” different is that every issue contains The Ten Commandments and the Prayer of Salvation.”

Mission Statement:

Helping children develop a strong biblical foundation on which to base their choices in life.


The Kids' Ark His friends and business associates know Jim Burger, the magazine’s founder and publisher, as a “former and present kid.” Having overcome a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, Jim has served as the Director of Men’s Ministry in his local church, and is able to see how the problems of adulthood are rooted in childhood difficulties.


Violette Burger, the magazine’s sales and subscriptions executive has an extensive sales background. She has repeatedly proven herself as an expert salesperson and has a unique combination of drive and personality that has made her a success working for both local and national companies.


The Kids' Ark Graduates of Destiny Bible Institute, Jim and Violette have served faithfully as leaders at their local church in Victoria, Texas for over 20 years in such areas as: Pray Partners, Men’s Ministry, Greeters, Small Group Ministries and Children's Church.

An Advisory Board of educators, literary and graphic experts and spiritual leaders has been formed to guarantee that each issue of “The Kids’ Ark” fulfills the original vision of the founders to provide children with an encouraging source of educational, Bible-based fun.


Jim has been in the Medical field as a Respiratory Therapist and Violette was a former Flight Attendant and Sales Rep. They met in 1985 and have been married for 25 years. Jim and Violette came to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in 1990. Their heart is to touch children with the gospel and to reach the next generation for Christ.



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